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Aluminum: Uses of Aluminum

—by Madhumita Shivade
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Aluminum is a silvery-white and a very popular metal that has many uses and useful properties. No other metal has as many uses as aluminum does. As aluminum has recycling properties, this metal is enough to meet all our daily needs. Aluminum is used at home, in construction, in several car parts and also in most of the modes of transportation. It is quite surprising to see that there are so many uses of the metal. Here are some of the uses of aluminum.

Aluminum Uses in Society

At Home

Aluminum is used for window frames, door knobs and to make utensils in the kitchen. There are various things that are made out of aluminum at home, like the utensils and aluminum foils in which food is packed. It can even be used as a wrinkle remover from clothes; some of the uses of aluminum also include home decor items like window frames, door knobs, railings, grills, curtain bars as well as artifacts made from aluminum. Aluminum is used in making golf clubs, indoor and outdoor furniture, tennis bats, refrigerators, toasters, saucepans, kettles, etc.


Transportation includes air, water and road transport. A few parts of aircraft carriers are made from aluminum as this is a light weight metal. In addition to it, aluminum is widely used for making boats and ship construction. There are a several car parts that are also made using aluminum. Railway carriages are also made out of aluminum. As cars are used everyday, let's see what aluminum parts it actually contains.

Aluminum Uses In Cars

Aluminum is widely used in cars. Aluminum car parts have good thermal and aesthetic properties. These car parts are quite cheap. Few car parts such as wheels, engine blocks, suspension components, hoods, transmission housings, wheel spacer bars are made of aluminum. Other parts such as carburetors housings, aluminum handles, few ornaments and logos, brackets, mirrors, air filler adapters, alternator housings, impellers and fan clutch parts also involve the use of aluminum. Valve covers are also made of aluminum.


Packaging is one of the most common uses of aluminum. Drink cans, bottle caps, foils, trays, etc. are all made out of aluminum. Other aluminum uses for packaging are storage boxes, utensil lids, thermos, etc.

Aluminum Uses in Construction

Aluminum is widely used for construction. Most of the construction material involves aluminum. Aluminum scrap, casting, fabricating, pipes, sheets, tubing, tanks, bars, wire, stampings, windows, pins, doors, rods, railings, ladders, shutters, building bridges, skylights, etc. also used in commercial buildings. Staircases are also made from aluminum. It is also used for many industrial appliances.

Properties of Aluminum

  • Light Weight: The weight of aluminum is about 1/3 of the weight of steel, brass or copper of equal volume.
  • Strength: The strength of aluminum is such that it can stand heavy pressures and loads. When it is alloyed properly, it can have the strength of steel.
  • Electrical Conductivity: The conductivity of aluminum is twice as compared to the conductivity of copper.
  • Thermal Conductivity: It can quickly spread heat or cooling energy in an even and quick manner.
  • Non-Toxic: Aluminum is non-toxic and this property makes it ideal for packing cooking material.
  • Reflectivity: It reflects light as well as other forms of radiant energy.
  • Ductility: Aluminum is ductile and thus, can be drawn into wires.
  • Mixable: It can be modified by alloying it with metals that make it malleable, conductive and resilient than aluminum alone.
  • Finishing: A variety of coatings and finishes can be used over aluminum such as paints, lacquer, organic coatings, or porcelain.
  • Costing: Aluminum is quite cheaper and economical, all in all, it is cost effective.
  • Recyclable Aluminum can be easily recycled into many aluminum products.
  • Corrosion: It corrodes less so it is used in the construction of many buildings.
  • Durability: Aluminum has a great amount of durability.

Here were some of the aluminum uses and properties. Due to the unusual combination of the metal, it is used on a large scale in this modern world which also makes aluminum a great metal to work on.

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