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Why Taking a Nap Can Be a Productive Use of Your Time

—by Jon Herring

The human biological clock has two cycles per day, with two dips. And for most people, one of those dips occurs shortly after lunch. (The other occurs before bedtime.)

If you have the opportunity to take a nap for 20 or 30 minutes during your afternoon dip, do it. Not only will you likely wake up with more energy and mental clarity, you could also improve your health.

The Harvard School of Public Health recently concluded the largest known study to examine the link between napping and health. The researchers, who followed 23,000 adults in Greece for a period of six years, found that those who took a half-hour midday nap break at least three times a week were 37 percent less likely to die of heart disease as compared to those who never napped.

While one study is not conclusive, the results of this research do make sense. We know that the three basic keys to good health are diet, exercise, and rest. Sleep helps to relieve stress and gives the body a chance to reset the heart rate and blood pressure. So donít feel guilty about taking a little nap in the afternoon. You will probably be more productive when you arise, and you could even live longer for it.

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