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Math Concepts – Mean, Median, Mode

Can you define the math terms mean, median and mode? 

  • mean - This is the same as average.  Add all the numbers together and divide by how many numbers you added.  What is the mean age of everyone at your table?
  • median - This is the number that falls in the middle of your range of numbers.  Find the difference between the smallest number and the largest.  What is the median number for the days of the month on which everyone's birthday falls?
  • mode - This is the number which occurs most often in a list of numbers.  How many eyelets are on your shoes?  Is there a mode number in your list?  If some people are barefoot, or wearing sandals, your mode number might be zero.

Mean Median Mode

Mean Median Mode

Learning about numbers that fall somewhere in the middle

Find The Average

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Make A List – Leaves

This is a describing list.  Leaves can come in many different shapes, sizes and colors.  How long of a list can you make with words that describe any type of leaf?

  • blade
  • orange
  • fluttering

Keep going!

Different types of leaves

Types of leaves

Autumn Leaf

So many words could describe this colorful autumn maple leaf.

Words As Letters

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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