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Injustice – Moving On

Have you ever suffered from something that simply wasn’t your fault?  It is a frustrating experience.  You feel so angry and want to do something about it, but there is nothing you can do.  The situation is out of your hands. 

Let go and move on.  It sounds so simple but is not often easy to do.  What works best for many people is to set a new goal as soon as possible.  It isn’t as easy to dwell on the past when the present is sweeping you along.

I didn't do it

I got blamed for something I didn't do!

Some people have more power than you

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Share Your Knowledge – Magic Tricks

I was once invited to be the lady who lies in the box and gets cut in half.  From my up-close view I was able to watch as the electric saw detached from its blade, ran across the box and reattached to a new blade before emerging as if it had sawn through my body.

Do any of the members of your family know any magic trick secrets?  Have you seen any illusions that you enjoyed in particular?

pick a card

"Pick a card, any card and I'll tell you what it is." "That's not such a hard trick, they are all face up!"

Tricks for your eyes

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