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Mind-stretching brain games and conversation starters. It's the perfect opportunity for sharing stories, building knowledge, strengthening character, and having fun!

Two ideas for stimulating dinner conversation posted every day.

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Animal Life – Slugs
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Tell A Story – Four Sentences Only
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A warning about growing bones and heavy loads.

A warning about growing bones and heavy loads.

Learn why breakfast is the most vital meal of the day

Learn why breakfast is the most vital meal of the day

Animal Life – Slugs

Basically a shell-less snail, slugs are common in many parts of the earth.  Do you like slugs?  Not many people do.

All about slugs

What do you know about the life of a slug?


Some people enjoy eatting slugs.

The 10 worst foods for kids

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Tell A Story – Four Sentences Only

Can you tell an entire story in only four sentences?  The first sentence is the set up, the second defines the plot, the third resolves the conflict and the fourth one wraps up the story.

  • Being in a foreign country when you don't speak the language can be scary.
  • Once we were on the train in France and the conductor demanded that we pay more money above the cost of our pre-purchased round-trip ticket.
  • When he threatened to get the police, we paid, of course.
  • Later we found out that we had taken the wrong train so our journey was longer and therefore more costly.

Tram Station

Oh no, we got on the wrong train.

Travel to another planet

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