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Language – Jargon

Before I met my husband, Pete, who is an avid golfer, I always thought that the word mulligan referred to a type of stew. Now I know better. You think white out is that stuff that comes in a little bottle to help you correct your mistakes? Ask a skier and you will find that it means something else. For most of us traveling seems like a great way to spend your vacation. But a basketball player never wants to be accused of traveling.

Jargon can be defined as language that is particular to a particular occupation. The examples above are all related to sports. What other types of jargon can you name? What are some examples?

By the way, a mulligan is a extra shot when you mess up badly, a white out is a snow storm that limits visibility and traveling in basketball is taking too many steps without dribbling (bouncing) the ball.

snow clothing

Brr, this blizzard is so heavy, it's a white out!

Are there mulligans in indoor golf?

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