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Quality Time
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Have A Contest – Cotton Ball Challenge
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Have A Contest – Cotton Ball Challenge

For the cotton ball challenge contest, you will need 20 or more cotton balls, separated loosely and place in a bowl.  You will also need a regular teaspoon (not a measuring spoon), a small plate and a blindfold.

Blindfold one of the contestants.  The contestant sits before the bowl of cotton balls holding the teaspoon in one hand.  The other hand must remain behind the back or under the table.  At the call of "go" the contestant scoops as many cotton balls out of the bowl and places them onto the plate.  At the end of 1 minute, "stop" is called and the cotton balls are counted.  Return all the cotton balls to the bowl and send in the next contestant.

The winner is the scooper who can place the most cotton balls onto the plate.

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Flamingo Fishing is another fun relay-style game

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