What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Advertising – Finding Examples Of Propaganda

Using magazines, television, radio, the internet, or any other form of advertising, find examples of the following types of propaganda:

  • Bandwagon -- You need this because everyone else has one or is doing "it".
  • Glittering generalities -- Using positive labels, such as glamorous, exciting, patriotic, but offering no facts to support the claims.
  • Just folks -- The people who use of this product are just like you.
  • Testimonial -- A famous person appears in the advertisement to endorse the product.
  • Snob appeal -- Rich, smart, and important people own this product or engage in this activity.
  • Transference -- Someone you respect is associated with a product or idea.
  • Card stacking -- Leaving out important information or including it in small print.
  • Name-calling -- Using stereotypes.

Create a billboard

Advertisers work hard to appeal to customers

Create a billboard

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